So I am watching 13th a “documentary.” I am not sure how this qualifies as a documentary because it is purely opinion based. Okay I understand people have prejudice against the black community it is true. But this is based on real statistics in the 21st century. Ignoring the past, lets look at the present and the future. Okay, black people have been antagonized from the beginning that is a fact. The past can not be changed we can just learn from it and move along. I am not looking at what previous circumstances caused these crimes to happen, I am looking at current statistics. “Though African Americans and Hispanics make up approximately 32% of the US population, they comprised 56% of all incarcerated people in 2015” – NAACP. This is why they are black people and Hispanics are looked as most criminals. The majority of them are, give or take the less than 1% wrongfully accused the statistics are still there. It is not because they are black, it is not because our government arrests them for no reason. It is because they commit crimes more than the rest of our society. Give it whatever previous reason you want. To make this easy to understand let me reiterate, they commit more crimes, it is a fact. Put one and two together, they commit more crimes so they are viewed as bigger criminals. Sounds like pretty basic logic to me. I am not sure why everyone is making  huge deal out of this. It sounds to me like the black community needs to stop dealing drugs in the street and educate themselves. This can be achieved by more funding to impoverished areas and school funding. If they want society to view them differently, and yes they are a group of people, (color should not be used in divisive terminology in a perfect world) they need to stop talking and show actions. By that I mean less crime rates. Talk the talk all you want, the statistics show the truth, and our government is responding accordingly.

I would like to hear opinions from other people on this. Preferably open-minded. Also would like to hear people who disagree with what I am saying. My views of an “unbias” opinion changes the more I know.


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